Surface Preparation

To achieve optimum results, this process is vitally important. Factors such as the concentration of salts and chlorides, the cleanliness of the air and the surface, the its texture and other climatic conditions must all be monitored. If these parameters are not adequately addressed, both the effectiveness of the process and its lifespan are drastically reduced.

Any steel treatments are completed in accordance with the quality assurances in the contract, using the appropriate system and abrasive for each project, always taking into account what was specified in terms of the finish required, cleanliness, texture, etc.

Some of the methods used are:

  • Cleaning through dry abrasive blasting with compressed air
    • Steel shot
    • Copper slag
    • Abrasive with sponge
  • Cleaning through manual and/or mechanical methods
  • Cleaning with fresh water under pressure and hydroblasting
  • Dry ice
  • Laser cleaning
  • Paint stripping through induction