Health and Safety Pocily

ISO 45001Top management of INDASA, awares the current context of the company and the fundamental importance of a preventive culture within the organization as a key to reduce the accident rate and maintain competitiveness both in the markets and in the international field of customer relations, as well as awares of the risks derived for your employees from your main activities, which are the surface treatment and coating application in structural cargo and ballast tanks and other ship structures and metallic structures, continues to assume as a priority the development of an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Policy with the objective of providing a safe and healthy workplace.

To this end, INDASA has an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which is based on the following basic principles:

  • a) Occupational Health and Safety is another element of our production process and therefore its management is considered part of the integral management of the Company.
  • b) The responsibility to work in this direction falls on each and every one of the components of the Company and this restlessness is transferred to contractors and collaborators, being encouraged the responsible participation at all levels. Without the collaboration, participation and responsibility of all, it will not be possible to achieve the objectives set.
  • The responsibility of complying with this policy falls on each and every one of the parts of the Company, with responsible working being encouraged by everyone. Without the collaboration, participation and accountability of everybody, reaching agreed goals will not be possible.
  • c) The Policy is the framework for the establishment of INDASA's Occupational Health and Safety objectives.
  • d) Top Management assumes the following management responsibilities:
    • The leadership of Top Management in the field of OH&S is the most effective strategy for reduction the accident rate.
    • Put the necessary human, physical and financial resources to achieve a high level of Health and Safety in each and every one of its activities, based on compliance with legal requirements and other applicable requirements and advancing in the continuous improvement of management and the performance of Occupational Health and Safety.
    • • Offer and guarantee safe workplace, conditions and work equipments, prioritizing the elimination of hazards and reduction of risks for the Occupational Health and Safety of employees.
    • • Make this Policy known at all levels of the INDASA organization and other relevant interested parties.
    • • Establish and maintain an effective internal and external communication system in OH&S issues.
    • • Encourage and guarantee the participation, information, training and consultation of all employees, including temporary and external workers.
    • • Ensure the adequate protection of all employees against the hygienic risks existing in the productive processes that the Company develops, which are mainly metallic dust, VOC and noise.
    • • Assume the implementation and dissemination of necessary actions to achieve the objectives of Occupational Health and Safety, based on this Policy.
    • • Review in a planned manner the suitability, adequacy and continued effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, evaluating the context, objectives, risks and opportunities and performance, as well as the adequacy of this Policy.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System has the support of all the members of the Company and contributes to INDASA´s continual improvement.

Fdo. General Director of INDASA (28/05/2019)
D. Sergio Andrés Vidal Muga.

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