Integrated Quality and Environment Policy

ISO 14001:2004INDUSTRIAL DE ACABADOS S.A. (INDASA) is a company dedicated to the treatment and application of paints in structural cargo and ballast tanks and other ship structures, as well as other metallic structures. The concern of Top Management and all members of the organization, as well as market demand, has led us to consider that maintaining the certification of the Environmental and Quality Management System is the best tool to demonstrate to our clients our ability to consistently provide that our services will always satisfy their requirements, including those legal, regulatory that may be applicable or Mandatory, in order to increase their satisfaction through the effective application of the Management System, including processes for continuous improvement and risk treatment considering the interested parties.

IT IS VISION OF INDASA to be the benchmark company in the treatment and repair of metallic surfaces, application of paints with the maximum balanced benefit for interested parties. A company admired for its flexibility and ability to adapt to the requirements of the moment, to innovate to provide efficient responses at the national and international level, and INDASA'S MISSION to achieve excellence and leadership, constantly developing its own technologies and innovation, offering our products and services to customers in the naval, industrial and civil sectors, improving quality, safety and reliability standards, being leaders in the provision of equipment and technical resources and expanding our customer base through a continuous commercial effort in different sectors, in the interest of being recognized by our clients, employees and the community in general as a responsible organization, committed to the Environment and Quality.

The principles listed below are the guidelines on which INDASA bases its actions and Environmental and Quality Policy in the current context:

  • Promote adequate communication with customers that allows us to analyze their needs, and manage risks so that we can offer them the best service integrating pollution prevention, improving our overall performance.
  • Ensure that we have the necessary resources to maintain our Environmental and Quality Management System, the necessary infrastructure and an adequate work environment, differentiating ourselves from the competition by the capacity of technical resources and machinery, by investing in the development of our own technologies and more efficient machinery, reducing our ecological footprint, from the same acquisition of raw materials.
  • Protect the environment by controlling the significant aspects and impacts that may negatively affect it, aimed at reducing the use of raw materials and minimizing the generation of hazardous waste.
  • Reduce incidents by continuously improving our operations, orienting ourselves towards prevention, dealing with risks with possible impacts on the environment, time limits, quality or cost, making sure to deliver non-rejectable products, and with complete traceability for their life cycle.
  • Review by Top Management in a planned way the suitability, adequacy and continuous effectiveness of the Management System, evaluating the context, objectives, risks and performance, as well as the adequacy of this Policy, and INDASA's participation in activities aimed at promoting a environmental and quality culture in synergy with our main customers.

INDASA's Top Management and all the personnel supervised by it, is knowledgeable, understands this Policy and commits their functional personal performance, adapting it to the objectives of the company. For this, Top Management strives to develop the skills of our staff, facilitate collaboration with our customers and effectively manage the resources necessary to achieve full satisfaction of the products finally obtained.


Fdo. D. Sergio Vidal Muga (Director General de INDASA) - 22/09/2020
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