Indasa has the necessary suitable and appropriate technical equipment and infrastructure available to complete any type of work, regardless of its complexity and how demanding it may be.

For over 40 years, INDASA has always had a large number of workers. Currently, counting all our engineers, economists, chemists, painters, etc, we have over 400 professionals with long and demanding professional careers.

Blasting Equipment
Blasting Equipment
17 high-capacity dust collectors (>15.000 m3/h)
6 150-hp compressors
2 200-hp compressors
10 250-hp compressors
3 340-hp compressors
35 abrasive extractors
AquaBlast machine for both shot- and jet-blasting
Shot-blasting and jet-painting machine for the hulls of ships
Hydroblasting machine (3000 bar)
Garnet recycling machine
Steel shot grit blasting machine
156 portable blasting machines
3 steel shot recycling machines
Robot for Hydroblasting machine
46 silos for abrasive removal
37 grit bins (20/25 Tm.)
Washing Equipment
Washing Equipment
5 high-pressure water-jet machines (100 bar)
7 high-pressure water-jet machines (400 bar)
6 high-pressure water-jet machines (700 bar)
2 high-pressure water-jet machines (1000 bar)
Hydroblasting machine (3000 bar)
Suction - Impeler equipment
Painting Equipment
Painting Equipment
3 dehumidifiers (5.000 m3/h)
15 dehumidifiers (7.000 m3/h)
2 dehumidifiers (10.000 m3/h)
5 dehumidifiers (15.000 m3/h)
6 dehumidifiers (20.000 m3/h)
2 gantry cranes for working on the hold of a ship
16 paint containers
Explosion protected illumination
108 airless painting machines
3 2-part painting machines
6 high-capacity painting machines for silicate
32 explosion protected ventilators
Other Equipment
Other Equipment
8 high-capacity electric heaters
8 forklift trucks and pallets
12 office containers
18 workshop containers
149 electric control panels and transformers
33 electricity distribution lines
Scaffolding to cover 1.000.000 m3
2 lifting platforms
6 automatic blasting and painting towers for the hulls of ships