Quality Policy

INDUSTRIAL DE ACABADOS S.A. is a company devoted to the surface treatment of metallic structures. The concern of the Management team and all members of both companies, as well as market demand, has led us to consider that maintaining the certification of the quality management system is the best way to show our customers that our services will always meet any legal or regulatory requirements which may be in force and will bring satisfaction through the efficient use of the system, including integrated processes for continuous improvement of the system itself.

The principles listed below are the directives on which INDUSTRIAL DE ACABADOS S.A. bases its conduct and quality policy:

  • To encourage suitable communication with customers which allows us to analyse needs, which, in turn, allows us to offer the best possible service and even further improve it
  • To ensure that we have the necessary resources available to maintain our quality management system, the required infrastructure and a suitable working environment
  • To avoid deviations, continuously improving our QMS, aiming preferably towards preventative rather than corrective actions
  • Management shall review in a planned manner the suitability, adequacy and continuing effectiveness of the QMS, evaluating improvements and providing a reference for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and the suitability of the policy.

The Management team and all staff supervised by it are aware of this policy, understand it and participate in its continued accreditation as a necessary agreement of being a member of INDASA, therefore we strive to develop our staff's skills, ease collaboration with our customers and efficiently and effectively manage all necessary resources to achieve full satisfaction of the final product obtained.

For Indasa, QUALITY is key when completing jobs, and so we are continuously learning and dedicate a large amount of our time to it. INDASA=QUALITY and this can be seen in what we do. We hope that with the help of our system, each day will lead to further differentiation.


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